Many people are calling the new AJS Modena 125 ‘retro on a budget’, a name that cannot be argued with. After all not everyone can afford to buy and run a classic Vespa. The Modena is an attractive and stylish looking bike that comes in a variety of colours, with the added option of changing panels to add a two tone effect.


A selection of custom and standard Modena’s in the shop

The British nation have taken these scooters to their hearts and they are becoming more and more popular with lady riders. One of the benefits of this scooter is the weight and the simple twist and go. The AJS Modena have a range of accessories available from us or the AJS shop. We stock items such as screens, mud flaps, back boxes and seat covers so that Modena riders all over the country can personalise, and in some cases, MODify their scooters to make
them their own.

Customised Modena’s at the Pudsey AJS BBQ

The Modena has been know to reach up to 65mph without a 150 kit and more acceleration is available with some modification. These kits are also available from us. Pudsey AJS retail the Modena at £1299 on the road for a 125 and £1199 for a 50, we also do special one off editions of these scooters and build them to your specification including accessories for an extra price that is agreed on once the design is chosen. Pudsey AJS have also adapted an exhaust that has been remodeled to fit the Modena, and we offer an option for them to be fitted on the bike when purchased.

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One-off special edition Modena built at Pudsey AJS

If you’re a real Modena fan like us, why not come and join our Modena community over on Facebook? It’s a great way to meet people in your area who own Modena’s as well!