Tempest Roadster 125


This classically styled lightweight roadster is perfect for leisure riding, or your daily commute. It is well planted on the road and yet is nimble to steer and easy to lift on to its centre stand. You are sure to want to take the long way home!
Starting is a breeze with its electric start. A neat luggage rack which will readily accept many proprietary boxes is available as a low cost accessory.
This bike punches above its weight with an impressive specification which includes, alloy wheel rims, 37mm diameter front forks, stainless steel exhaust, combined brakes, electronic fuel injection, and a comfortable, plush seat.

Product Price:£2,499.00

Key Features

17 year old learner legal

Drive on CBT or A1 driving licence

Ultra smooth Balance Shaft, YB, 4 stroke engine

Combined braking system

Light and easy to handle

Centre stand and side stand fitted

Excellent fuel economy

Straight-pull, spoked wheels with alloy rims

Front disc and rear disc brakes

Large 16L fuel tank

Stainless steel exhaust system
Low fuel level warning light

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