billy blogWelcome to the brand spanking new AJS Pudsey website that we’ve just had made for the opening of our new premises.

Special thanks to Billy Rebecchi for all the hard work and time he has already put in to it, not to mention having to sit and teach me how to use it, that required a ridiculous amount of patience.

We are happy to announce that we have managed to move both shop and home and are now happily settled in Rawdon. Neighbours are fantastic, we have already had lots of interest and encouragement from everyone in the village and via our website.

The move had to be done over one weekend which required a vast amount of organisation and hours awake Steve and our eldest Jez worked through the night and watched the sunrise together so we could meet for my blogphoto for blog

Big shout out to Terry Beech who provided all the Artwork for the front of our new shop and with Steve’s help they got it up in time for our opening.

We would also like to give Karen Fowler ( our Modena riding friend ) a huge thank you, she came over on the first day of trading and helped keep us all sane by watching the front of the shop, while we ran around like idiots trying to sort stuff out.

As a family we are all really excited by this new venture and although we still have loads to do we already feel (to quote Steve) that “it’s the dogs danglies!”