image1 [306106]As a member of the Pudsey AJS team for almost a month now I feel qualified to be able to share my views on the what’s going on and the general view of the shop.

When you sit in the shop you notice loads, with windows as big as ours it’s hard not to. You would be surprised how many people slow down just to stare in the window, we are in the perfect position for a good nosey and people do. I’d say out of the possible 10 cars a minute that pass our lovely shop at least 6-7 take a glance or more, and to be honest we all know what there looking at…

The Modena.

If your wanting a scooter you know is stylish, easy to run at an amazing price that are quite frankly awesome, then the Modena is definitely the way to go. Out of all the customers I’ve had so far regardless of what their into they always stop and admire the Modena. I don’t blame them ! I spend many an hour gawping at the gorgeous machines, as someone who is on the verge of possibly taking my CBT the Modena is a VERY appealing bike. It has all the style of a Vespa without the ludicrous price, all the beauty of the Lambretta but with an efficient 4 stroke 125cc GY6 engine with added kits hitting up to 150cc, there’s a reason this bike is selling so very well.

It’s interesting the sort of people you meet when you sit in a shop for 7 hours straight, you forget sometimes about how people can be so… well strange, different and intriguing. Meeting people in the shop is a reminder that there are some pretty cool character’s out there. One man came in asking about parts, I told him we will be stocking them soon and we proceeded to chat. He told me out of all the bikes he owns his pride and joy is his Harley Davidson but that’s not the most impressive part. He went on to tell me he managed to afford his Harley by quitting smoking for 4 years. Every penny he would of spent on cigarettes he saved and used it all to buy a Harley, if you ever need an incentive to stop smoking I would say a Harley Davidson is a great motivation.

There is never a boring moment when I’m working, from talking to people while they admire and learn about the bikes, to meeting new people who want to tell me about their bikes , or even just sitting back taking in the sun and waiting for a sale. Pudsey AJS always makes me smile when I see our customers smiling.

11896483_487489254747941_7583388418291807413_oOragne thing Modena