The 2-Tone Village is an exciting area just outside of Coventry City Centre and is all about creativity and vision.

the coventry museum picture for blogCome to the award winning 2-Tone themed café, Caribbean restaurant, the superb 2-Tone Corner clothes shop and the amazing Hall of Fame memorabilia shop and check out all the plaques on The Coventry’s Wall of Fame. s-l1000


                                                    THE MUSEUM

The Village is also where you will find The Coventry Music Museum (another award winner), celebrating all types of Coventry & Warwickshire musicians, including all the 2-Tone bands, plus Freakbeat artists like The Sorrows, The Pickwick’s and Bev Jones. The Enemy, King and Hazel O’Connor are all showcased here, and we even have a reconstruction 60’s Record Shop Booth and a Rude Boys Bedroom.

 The Village is built by fans for fans, and you will always get a welcome here.

The Village is made for ride outs, and we regularly welcome Scooter Clubs from all over the UK, a recent club from Manchester set a “Nutty Train” record of 18 people (Oh what fun we had) , could you do better?scooter-mods-Tee-shirts


Best times to visit is …  Thursday to Sunday

from 10.00am to 4.00pm when everything is open, and you never know who you may meet!?


Why not have a look at – The Coventry Music museum facebook page or check them out on


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