Victoria’s Flower Shack

HAT [530702]Hello I’m Victoria and I run Victoria’s Flower Shack at High Trees Garden Centre in Horsforth. I am a fully qualified florist with over 8 years experience in the industry.

Since I was a little girl I’ve had a real passion for flowers, learning their names and identifying the garden flowers and wild flowers that grew around my Grandparents home. I accompanied my grandmother to many flower shows and then recreated what I had seen when we got home. This normally involved cutting down half her flowering plants and arranging them in anything that would hold water on the kitchen table.


Sometime later as an adult I was lucky enough to be able to turn this passion and talent into a career. I have worked in an award winning florist for the majority of it, gaining a distinction level diploma through evening classes. I recently took the plunge and branched out ,opening my own shop at a local garden centre. I sell fresh cut flowers by the stem as well as a variety of bouquets and arrangements. I collect vintage china ,vases and teapots , using them as receptacles for hand tied nosegays and arrangements. These create unique gifts that can’t be found anywhere else. Of course I also do the standard baskets and hand-tied bouquets that can be found in any florist shop but I like to wrap them in patterned paper with pretty ribbons rather than the run of the mill cellophane and plastic bows you find else where.shopstand101 [530709]

I have gained lots of experience producing wedding flowers and have worked under the Vera Wang label creating designer brides bouquets and centre pieces.

BRIDES BQ [530697]

With my knowledge I can guide you and help you choose the right flowers for your big day whilst taking into account your theme and budget. I can provide a whole range of floral funeral tributes including the large bespoke designs. I’ve worked on some really interesting pieces in the past including a horse and gypsy caravan made entirely from flowers and a casket spray made entirely of vegetables. No idea is too weird and I think that the best funeral tributes are those that reflect the person they are for. The Shack also has a jewellery stand where I display my handmade and up cycled jewellery. As with the floral gifts a lot of these pieces can be made to order in colours of your choice. My best sellers are the silver plated wire rings which I can’t keep up to at the moment.

julias ring [530704]

Although I enjoy creating pretty jewellery the main focus of the shack is the flowers and I hope you can pop in some time to say hi and have a look round. Please also take a look at my website or like my Facebook page!

See you soon

Victoria. xx