Here at AJS motorcycles we offer the chance to buy and drive away with a scooter customed to fit your specification. If you want your scooter to reflect your personality or just show the team you support we can do it ! why not have a look at the scooters we have already done and get choosing how you would like yours. For more information or an informal chat about what you would like ring Steve on – 0783473993840374077_532934330462203_1821040801786888192_n 40370189_300952340456049_8740442645622423552_n 40305160_496865060779554_4276854611458916352_n 40413529_285725185490990_1626445729209778176_n 40347633_1655570544564976_6527794671475752960_n 40377607_1827815157336533_339811842454978560_n 40435414_549871728778296_5057652727836835840_n 40304167_339671873273150_7743527057719558144_n 40325398_320196881876423_2504831232039190528_n 40263477_294526521142002_5418180735158714368_n